Arguable thesis with three supports from references from articles and a skeleton outline

Teacher instructions as followed:

USING HANDOUTS(FOLLOW Worksheet: Assignment Organization) GIVEN IN CLASS LAST THURS., AND THE TEXTBOOK DESCRIPTIONS/ DISCUSSION and EXAMPLES (SEE: p. 44-46, p. 257, & p.384-386), AS WELL AS MY COMMENTS, PLEASE CAREFULLY REVISE (OR WRITE for the first time) your PROPOSED ARGUABLE THESIS WITH THREE SUPPORTS for your DEVELOPING RESEARCHED ESSAY. Your Turnitin submission should include (as explained on the Assignment Organization Worksheet): A complete arguable thesis statement/sentence with THREE supports; each support should then be also written in a complete sentence and followed by at least TWO Credible Academic Sources that you plan to use as evidence WRITTEN IN MLA FORMAT! These sources (ACADEMIC JOURNAL ARTICLES ARE BEST!) should have been Backtrackedfrom previous articles. PRINT A COPY AND BRING IT TO CLASS ON THURSDAY AS WE HOPE TO DEMOMSTRATE SOME APPROVED THESIS STATEMENTS!
The articles are as following:

Work cited
Aguila, Emma. PersonalRetirementAccountsand Saving. 2008. 39. Print.
AttanasioOrazio. Social Security and Housing Saving. 2003. Vol. 118, 1-3. Print.
Bottazzi, Renata , Jappelli Tullio & Padula, Mario. Retirement Expectations, Pension Reforms, and their Impact on Private Wealth Accumulation.Journal of Public Economics. vol. 90(12), pp. 2187-2212, Dec. 2006
Goss, Stephen. The Future Financial StatusoftheSocial Security Program.2010. Vol 70. 3-5. Print.
Gruber, Jonathan. Future Social Security Entitlements and the Retirement Decision. 2007. 234-246. Print.

I believe that you have a copy of the essay you did for me. if not I will email you another copy. I tried to go along with a thesis that had something to do with retirement, however; if you feel you can come up with one that has something to do with pension, go along with it. Remember, I need a thesis with THREE SUPPORTS.


Harold V. Wilson