Argue that Austens novel is a reflection of its revolutionary age

Hi there,
This essay is for an English class titled Novel and the Money.. To put things a little into perspective, I think you should know that the prevalent themes in the course were money, credit, value, society etc. stemming from novels such as Roxana, Persuasion, Our Mutual Friend, Money, etc and essays by Daniel Defoe, David Ricardo John M. Keynes, etc.

The last essay I ordered from you guys was written professionally so I dont feel I need to give too much instructions on what to do (specially if this will be written by the same writer). Just the usual: Im looking for a rigorously academic exploration of an explicitly supported and argued thesis; so dont just summarize the novel. Heres a couple of things to watch out for: Dont fill the pages with historical context..use them to support your ideas about the text, instead of using the text to support ideas about history. Focus down on the text (conclusions should be about the book). Dont do research into the author. Take out value judgments. Try to use more recent sources if you can.

I had to do a proposal last minute for this paper, and I chose this topic without too much thought because it was the easiest to do a quick proposal for. You dont have to do the topic Ive chosen.. if you feel more comfortable writing about something else, run it by me and Ill approve it as long as its related to the course.