Argue which of the 3 sources best represent how civilian reacted in WW2?

uses the 3 sources compare them and higlight the diffrences

uses inference to argue which sources answers the above enquiry

cross reference the sources

when first writing about the source say who,when,why,what about the source.

write an answer that argue which 3 of the above sources best represent how civilian reacted in WW2.

Referencing Requirements:
1) from the blitz:the British under attack written by Juliet Gardiner,published in 2010

(looting and muder-the darker side of the blitz spirit)

only the extract begining-in the west end of london

ending in -period of enormous stress

2)from the home front:the british and the second world war written by arthur marwick,published in 1976.

only the the extract beginingthe amout of petty looting…

middle-guarding stock salvaged from a grocers shop,birkenhead,15 march 1941.
ending in-stereotypical images of the blitz spirit.

3)from a cartoon war:world war two in cartoons by joseph darracott written in 1989.

the extract beginging -the involement of whole nations……..

ending in -has emerged to check on his giant.

cartoonafter the raid
is it alright Henry
yes not even a scratched -cartoon most important