Arguementative essay -Maintaining a coherent Social Balance

I will upload some docutment after i get into the message board. And you will find what the topic is asking you to write. I will also upload some other information that help u write the essay more conceret.

Actually, this essay is an writing class in a university. And this is the last essay in my course. So they expect me to write better than before. So i really want you to do better in the introduction, thesis, and the conclusion.

Since this is essay is in the writing class, that mean i have already done some of the essay before in this class, so i will upload a essay, and i want you kinda have the similiar writing structure, tone, so that it won t be so distinct that the essay is different people write it.

The thesis must be answering the writing prompt. Give your claim and argument, must be direct, and something that the reader can argue your thesis.

And this essay doesn t required you have any sources, but you are welcome to give some sources, to support your argement.
But dont end a paragraph with quote. and please explain the quote after you cited it! this is a must.thankyou

So just carefully read the docutment i upload later in the message board.

The following are the topic.

Arguementative essay Maintaining a coherent Social Balance

The exact topic of this essay is :  The balance existing between the degree of diversity a culture attains and the degree of unity it retains. How can these concepts help one better understand how to develop and maintain an apporiate balance between unity and diversity within the society.

And you may not really understand what the topic is, what it want you to writer about until you read the docutment i upload later in the message board. So, actually the topic is asking: Whether to Attain diversity or Retain unity is the best way to maintain an appropriate balance in the society. And this is an arguementative essay, you have to give your claim, your argument in your thesis in order to answer the prompt. The topic is quite ambiguous, so you really need to give your argument especially thesis, telling reader whether you think attain diversity or retain unity is the best way to maintain the balance in the society. So the arugment can be  more on Attain diversity, and less retain unity, or less attain diversity,and more on retain unity it s up to you. This are some of the arugment and claim you can think of. And give some concrete example information to support your argument you given in your thesis. And you can also tell the reader those advantage and disadvantage of those and to support your argument.