Argument of Definition)Japan is a western country

The directions will be upload later.
The essay (2-4 pages) will be an argument of definition. Refer to the assigned reading, the
assignment sheet/grade guide, and instructor lecture to expand these expectations and your
understanding of the task.

Ive already chose a topic, my rough thought is that:
Argument of Definition Proposal/Brainstorm

1)Japan is a western country because its culture and ethnic are more western.
2)The potential audiences/stakeholders can be anyone who is concerned, but I think itas better to narrow down the audience group to students in universities.
It is located in East Asia, but its form of government, technology, and culture make it similar to many Western nations. The term Westernis both geographical and socio-cultural.
the occupation after WW II they adopted many western ways and still show them in the way they do business and in everyday life. Their culture is still intact and shows itself in religion and other ways.

The teacher points that this topic is alright, but need strong sources to support.