Argument). you can find the topic in my instructions.

General Information:

In a 4-5 page document, typed double spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font, consider the current event situation going on around the globe and choose a social issue that we need to change. Create an argument that illustrates what the future holds for society in 100 years if we do not change or solve this social issue, making a point about the social issue and its importance in the process.

Ideas to consider:

What cultural concerns do we have today that might have long-term effects? How and why might one of these concerns effect the future of the human race? Support your views with solid examples from todayas culture and the concerns that we deal with now in order to address why your vision of the future would come to pass. You do not need to provide ways to solve the problema that is for a later paper; you need only illustrate the potential effects of the problem on the future if it is not solved.

You may want to consider answering some or all of the following questions within your paper in order to develop the support and argument:

a? What will the world be like in terms of economy, standard of living, etc?

a? How will society(ies) function?

a? What effects will this issue have on individuals and society as a whole?

a? What effect will this issue have, if any, on the ecology of our planet?


This essay requires both research into the current events/cultural concerns of todayas world as well as a bit of creativity and imagination on your part. Before you begin writing, you must first decide what events or issues are occurring today that would be most likely to effect our future the most. Some examples might be (but are not limited to) global warming, stem cell research, race relations, communication technology, medical technology, war, international relations. What will our society (or our world) be like in 100 years based on the current conditions of any of these? Next, you must do some research into the topic upon which you have chosen to base your paper. This paper requires a firmly established base from which you can extrapolate your vision of the future, and this requires research and the incorporation of that research into your paper. The vision of the future that you imagine should be based firmly and logically in the discussion of this research as well are your discussion of the importance of the current cultural concern so that your vision of the future flows from the analysis half of the paper clearly and convincingly. Your vision of the future should be developed fully from your original topic; that is, when you move to the discussion of what society will be like in 100 years, the paper should give the reader as well-rounded a view of society as possible.

For example, after you have established what medical technology has to offer us today, and you have logically convinced us where medical technology might be in the future, discuss what the effects of this potential medical technology will be on people and society as a whole. Do not make the mistake of spending so much time detailing current events and ideas that you leave no space to develop your future vision; in fact, the vision should take at least half of the paper to discuss and develop fully. During this part of the paper, be sure to develop why and how society will be thus effected by the current cultural concern 100 years from now. The paper is persuasive/argumentative in nature rather than narrative or informative. You should be trying to convince your reader that the future that you envision will come to pass and make a point about that future.

Things to do:

Do not forget to document information from your sources correctly in at least the a?current cultural concernsa? section(s) of the paper. Please use both direct quotes and paraphrased information. Include a correct MLA Works Cited page. Be sure that your sources are reliable and credible. Remember to refer to the Essay Style Guide for important format and content information.