Argument(am i agree or dis agree for using laptops at the universities classes)

i have already write one page and half about this topic. i want u to add 3 other pages too and edit the page and half that i already wrote and make the ideas strong.
i will attach the page and half that i already wrote.
dont forget to make the citation pages and use as many as you want from sources but u have to use one source from book. in addition to that the total of citation(qoute, summary , perphrase,statistic) should be 8 in the research.
i required from you to do 3 pages and i gave you cost for 4 pages thats. use the cost of the forth page to make edit for the page and half that i wrote.
one thing also, i would inform you that i agree for using laptop in the university . before u write the conclusion , you have to write a refutation paragraph