Argumentative essay about a life issue in the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat

MLA,TITLE PAGE, WORKS CITED, IMAGES PAGE, COPIES OF RESEARCH MATERIAL. argumentative essay where you have to find a specific life issue in the artists life (jean-michel basquiat) and to persuade the opposing target to take a particular action.

1) by the end of the first paragraph identify your opposing target audience and tell them what you want them to do

2) Provide three specific examples of people who did or did not do what you are proposing and what the consequences were. Your artist will serve as ONE example.

Paragraph 1first sentencestate problem
2-3rd sentencegive brief background on why the problem is as it is
4th sentencegive a judgement call on problem
last sentencethesis sentench (identify audience and tell them what you want them to do)

Paragraphs 2-4BODY
-Context /background info for person or example
-tell how they relate to problem stated in the first sentence of first paragraph
-tell how they/it dealth with problem and what results were (good or bad)
-explain what reader should understand from this person/example

Paragraph 5conclusion
State what all three examples show
-state why it is important that your audience understand the observations you have made
-last sentencestate what will happen if your audience obeyed you completely in what you said in the last sentence of your paragraph