Argumentative essay Global Warming (is/is not) real.

write the paper on : Global Warming (is/is not) real. you can pick a side of the argument and write to prove the point.
you can use at least three good sources.
I gave you a free page for the Works cited”.
Please follow and read the following Research Paper Requirements carefully:
1. Two and one half to three (2 1/2 3) pages long.
2. One inch margins on all sides.
3. Double-space between lines (no extra space between paragraphs).
4. Twelve point (12 pt.) Font-Times New Roman.
5. No cover page.
6. Citations in MLA style (parenthetical style).
7. Copy and stable to the back of the paper the pages from which the quoted/paraphrased material came. Highlight the quoted material.
8. Any act of Plagiarism will result an F in the course.