Argumentative essay supporting abortions

Write an argumentative research paper that takes a strong stand either for or against the topic you
selected (do not write an informative research paper that explores both sides of a topic; taking a
neutral position will decrease the points you earn on this assignment).
Your thesis should make a debatable claim about the topic. One technique for creating a thesis is
to mentally ask yourself a question (do not include the question in your paper) and then turn the
question into a debatable statement. This statement is your thesis statement, which you put in
your introduction and will provide support for in the body of your paper. For a simplistic
example, ask: Should the government prohibit the sale of sugared soft drinks in elementary
schools? The next step is to turn the question into a statement: The government should prohibit
elementary schools from selling sugared soft drinks because (and then state the reasons, which
you will defend and provide support for in your paper).
Seek out credible, academic sources that make the same claims that you do (what constitutes an
acceptable source is discussed below). Use the sources you find to support your argument by
deepening and enriching it. Anticipate the opposition. Perhaps, there are legitimate disserting
claims that oppose your claims. If so, acknowledge those claims and then provide evidence in the
form of facts from credible, academic sources that dispute the opposing claims.
As you write your paper, be careful not to simply restate what you have read in a source. Instead,
use the source to support your assertions; do not make the source your assertion. Use transition
words so your paper flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next. Remember to include an
introduction and a conclusion. Make sure each of the body paragraphs, which should start with a
topic sentence announcing the main idea of the paragraph, works to support the claims you make
in your thesis (do not put evidence such as direct quotes, in the introduction or conclusion). Use
a concluding sentence, which reinforces the topic sentence and wraps up the paragraphas
contents, to end the paragraph.
Please include a works cited page.