Argumentative Paper (English Should be Declared as The Official Language of the US)

I have an argumentative paper for my class. I will be writing about The English Language as The official Language of the United States since theres no official language has been declared. My point of view is that the United States SHOULD declare it as the official language. anyway, you still need to write the opposing opinion which is The US SHOULDNT declare that and prove it wrong or convince the audience that my opinion is right. I will attach a file with the description and the sources to use. I might probably send 2 sources you need to add another one. Please send me a link to the sources you will use. You also need to use in-text citation.

Added on 26.03.2015 00:03
The thesis statement should be debatable and narrow. it must have the topic and must state my point of view and what we are going to talk about. you also need to use (so what)

here is a decribtion of (so what):
Your so what should indicate to your audience why the issue should matter to not just your particular audience, but to people on a larger scale.