Argumentitive) Is the death penalty effective?

There are 5 tasks in this assignment. I need each task sent to me when it is finished with the last task finished in 10 days. Task 1 Arguable working thesis statement (1 sentence), 10 entries each should have the following: An APA-formatted reference list citation, An annotation of about 150 words that includes the following: Summary of the sources main points, evaluation of the source authors creditability, evaluation of the quality of information presented by the source, explanation of the sources to your thesis statement, an APA-formatted in-text citation.
Task 2
*Choose one 5-10 page credible source from task 1.
*Synthesize the entire 5-10 page article and include appropriate in-text citations.
*Chose a passage of 1-2 consecutive paragraphs from the original source that you plan on paraphrasing and highlight this.
*Write a paraphrase that includes in-text citations.
*Assignment must include reference page even though it will only have one source on it.
**There will be 4 items for this task:
The original article, as a link, pdf file or word document.
The paraphrase, with in-text citations.
the synthesis, with in-text citations.
the reference page.
Task 3
The introduction for the essay. (Provide context for the research question.)
Include arguable thesis with preview points.
*Essays body represented in bullet points.
*Include 2 to 4 main points that connect back to the thesis statement.
**Include in-text citations within the outline of the body.
conclusion to the essay: should restate your arguable thesis and summarize the main points of support.
-Reference list with 1-1 correspondence to the in-text citations in the body of the outline.
1 A fast draft of essay with errors
2 A revised draft and marked with changes
3 A revision summary
Task 5
Final essay that is revised from task 4 and that is well polished and researched.