Argumentive essay disagreeing with violent media is good for kids”

Argument essay this is the guidelines I was given thank you so much for your help
o Argument:

Pick an essay from Current Issues that you disagree with. Parts four and five of Current Issues are a good place to look. Write a 1,000-1,500 word essay meeting the requirements below AND prepare a 10-minute presentation that summarizes your argument. Both your written essay and your presentation are due in class on November 28th.

i § Clearly identify your position on the issue with a thesis statement.
i § Support your thesis throughout the essay with a rigorous and logical argument
i § Identify your assumptions and define key concepts and terms.
i § Create a careful back-and-forth debate with the author of your chosen essay. Directly address the authoras main points. If you disagree with a point, give a rebuttal that explains the flaws in the authoras reasoning. If you agree with a point, explain how it fits into your argument.

If youare having trouble picking an essay for your starting point, I suggest trying one of the essays below:
Barnet, Slyvan and Hugo Bedau. Current Issues: and Enduring Questions 9th ed.
New York: Bedford/St. Martinas Press, 2011. This is the book we are using in class. Not sure if it will help??

i §
i § Gerard Jones, Violent Media is Good for Kids, p. 195
i §
All of the above topics will require you to have a strong and clear thesis, which you support throughout the essay, and to apply some of the ideas about communication weave discussed in class to your analysis. There are many ways to apply theories of communication to your analysis. You could use a particular model to break down the components of communication in the novel, to identify barriers and their sources, or even argue that the communication in the novel has features that canat be explained using any of the models weave discussed, among other possibilities.