Argummentative on not using cell phones when driving

English 101
Essay Assignment and Criteria

Persuasion Research Paper (Taking A Stand)
Chapter 9

Assignment: Write a 5-8 page persuasion research paper (Works Cited page not included in the 5-8 pages) on a controversial topic which you feel strongly about. Support should include facts from outside research consisting of a minimum of 5 sources; you may include 1 valid web source only. The support you offer can also include personal experience, beyond outside research. If you chose, you may also propose a solution to the issue you are researching. If you decide to do this, you will need to carefully read and study Ch. 10, a?Proposing a Solutiona? in the textbook, as the elements and techniques discussed will be included as criterion by the instructor for your final grade of this paper. Correct MLA documentation must be used, as it will make up a portion of your overall grade on this assignment. If plagiarism is suspected, even if it is unintentional, it is up to the instructoras discretion as to what disciplinary action will be taken. The instructor includes incomplete quotation marks or lack of either a works cited page or in-text citation as plagiarism. Proof read very carefully to avoid unintentional plagiarism, as the result may include a grade of a?0a? for the assignment. It is advised that you consult the College catalog for the Collegeas policy on Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism.

Purpose: Make clear what your position on the topic is and persuade your audience to respect it, and to possibly even accept it. Your purpose is to convince your audience that you have an intelligent and valid argument. To do this, you must know exactly where you stand on the issue and why. Do not shift your position in the papera donat be wishy-washy. Stand firm. Do not show both sides of the argument! Research the opposing sideas argument only to determine they main points so that you can argue against them effectively.

Audience: People who may or may not be familiar with the topic, and may or may not have an opinion on it already. You will need to include background and overview on the topic so that the audience will clearly understand what you are talking about. You will need to do research and consider a?the other sideasa? views and arguments so that you can choose your strategies carefully to a?win them overa?.

1. Clear thesis statement that clearly defines the topic and your position
2. Clear, effective topic sentences for each paragraph
3. Clear and logical organization
4. Unity throughout essay
5. Strong support from valid resources
6. Coherencea smooth transitions from one paragraph to the next
7. Argument is fully and clearly supported with adequate and decisive evidence
8. Obvious attention paid to purpose and audiencea selected strategy planned based on the oppositionas side of the controversy
9. Purpose of essay met, meaning you convince audience of the validity of your a?sidea? of the issue
10. Effective use of logos, ethos, and pathos
11. Excellent sentence structurea lack of grammar errors
12. Careful proofreading and editing (Remember to double check all citations and direct quotations for accuracy and completeness.)
13. Clear and correct summarizes and paraphrasing of sources (these should be used more than direct quotation)
14. Correct MLA documentation (in-text and works cited)
15. Avoidance of logical fallacies
16. Carefully worded argument, so that your audience is not offended
17. Avoidance of plagiarism
18. Research is relevant and expertly a?weaveda? into the papera synthesis of research sources and your opinions
19. Paper is fully developed and polished
20. Standard written English is used throughout the essay