Aristotle, relation of eudaimonia to the life of study

The relation of eudaimonia to the life of study, or Theoria, i.e, contemplation.(Aristotle nicomachean ethics book x)
1. The relation of the intellectual virtues to this life.
2 The relation of eudemonia to the life of intellectual virtuosity.

3.discuss the relationship of Aristotleas virtue ethics as presented by the Nicomachean ethics to Platoas account as discussed in class and represented by the images of the good.

Please answer the 3 questions, no bibliography, just the short answers for the first two and longer answer for the last. so if you can just have 3 bullet points answering the 3 questions, having the last with the most information. please answer so that it is understandable why, by reading the reader should understand not only the answer but why it is like that