Ark Knight Massacre Shooting of Aurora Colorado

Hot-Button Essay

i?± Pick a controversial topic:_______________________________________

i?± Narrow your controversial topic:__________________________________
i?± Write a brief sentence or two describing your current position on this narrowed topic. How did you come to believe as you do?

i?± Locate 3-4 sources (from magazines, journals, or newspapers) on your narrowed topic that represent the opposing viewpoint. All sources must have authors. Take detailed notes on the articles, examining them and the topic with your critical thinking skills. Write brief summaries to help you understand their claims. Evaluate the support they provide for their position.

i?± Locate a website that also represents the opposing viewpoint. Apply critical thinking skills to the website as well.

i?± a?Free writea? on how each of these new inputs have or have not had an effect on your viewpoint.

i?± Talk with someone about your topic, your views and your findings.

i?± Draft an essay evaluating your position critically and describing how each new input did or did not modify your position. Why? Why not?

i?± Revise your draft to follow the required organizational structure below.

i?± Edit your essay with a specific focus on fragments, run-ons and grammatical issues. (See a?13 Waysa? in Doc Sharing.)

i?± Proofread for spelling, punctuation and grammar.


i?± 3page minimum (NOT including title and reference page)
i?± No Abstract is required
i?± Follow the organization structure provided
i?± Typed APA format (must properly cite all sources within the text)
i?± Reference page with 3-4 sources in proper APA format.

Please use the following organizational structure and headings:

Introduction a This section (1 paragraph) should include a summary of the narrowed topic and why it is controversial. Write to a general audience. It should include your position on the topic BEFORE you did your research and analysis. Include your thesis statement (this is your topic plus your controlling ideaa or how your opinion has been impacted by the research). 10 pts.

Opposing Arguments: This section (3-4 paragraphs) should summarize and paraphrase the oppositionsa main claims and the evidence that supports those claims. This should be written in an objective tone and with an eye to accuracy. Who are the persons, institutions, agencies, etc. who support this position? 35 pts.

Analysis: This section (3-4 paragraphs) is your chance to evaluate each of the opposing arguments presented in your references. Review logical fallacies and the material on critical thinking, and then discuss where the opposition may have it right and where they may have it wrong. Use your critical thinking skills to evaluate and synthesize your references. What, if any, are the presuppositions of this position? Assumptions? Propaganda? Distortions of Truth”? Logical fallacies?? (See A Writers Resource for a good listing.) What Vested interestmight these persons, institutions, agencies have in supporting their agenda? 35 pts.

Conclusion: In this section (1-2 paragraphs), please describe any changes that have occurred in your position, however minor and in either direction. Perhaps you are MORE convinced than ever of the validity of your views. Maybe, your eyes have been opened or your mind changed. How has evaluating the oppositionsa views impacted your own? What is your reaction to the facts, data, premises, and assumptions--in short, the position of this opposing side? (This is an opportunity to briefly offer your own position.) 20 pts.

Total Possible Points 100
Points will be converted to a letter grade in the grade book and assigned the points corresponding to the weight of the assignment.