Arlem Renaissance and poet Langston McKay and his poems at that time in detail

The paper is distinguished from the previous by the fact that it requires the use of secondary sources; this is to be a researched project.
You are asked to investigate published interpretations of the poetry on which you are writing. Beyond that requirement, you have many options. One option involves your researching a a?Schoola? or movement in Modern or Contemporary Poetry; in that case, your paper could be on any aspect of such a movement, noting its significance to Anglo-American Poetry of the 20th Century, and so on. Or, your could focus entirely on one Poet, noting his or her contribution to Modern and Contemporary Poetry; such a paper should, of course, range beyond mere biography; it would amount to a special study of the poet. There are numerous other possible foci. The main task is to inform your study with researched sources; our library has ample materials for this, so be sure to investigate your topic there initially. Endeavor to work from a variety of scholarly sources, becoming aware of the issues surrounding your poet, poets, or a?school.a?
As you did with your earlier Essay, when you quote and paraphrase from the literature, employ correct MLA style documentation, and include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Introduce each work clearly, and offer sufficient summary to orient your reader. When quoting from the poetry, take care to establish context first, so that you avoid a?drop-ina? quotations, which often remain unclear. The same, of course, goes for your use of critical responses to the poetry. Follow-up your correctly punctuated quotation with some interpretive analysis or commentary, so that it is clear to the reader why you quote the particular lines or statements in support of your discussion. As always, designate line-endings by using the slash properly; or, indent stanzas to preserve those line-endings.
Follow the rubric featured below, shaping your draft according to the evaluative criteria outlined. Use proper MLA documentation style, providing an Annotated Bibliography at the end of your essay. An Annotated bib is simply a list of sources including a brief paragraph describing each source; the annotation is featured below the citation.
1. Introduction/Thesis 2. Treatment of Mod/Contemp. Poetry 3. Treatment of Poetic Elements 4. Interpretive analysis 5. Use of Secondary Sources 6. Use of Quotations 7. Annotated Bibliography 8. Correctness of Grammar 9. Conclusion; Significance