Arlem Renissance/ Are we really free or are we the slaves of our own negro culture?

I need this Research Essay revissed and edited! I DONT NEED AN BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OR BOOK REPORT! It has to be viewed in a historical context (which I used the Harlem Renissance”)I need a strong Thesis (this Essay lacks an Thesis), if you reed through the paper please us as much as you can from the text and when you found the Thesis, try to supportit through in depth anaylizes from the texts. I will send Text PDFs as well. The last couple pages talk abaut McKay Poems and are clearly analyzed. So there is not a lot you need to do for the poems. Maybe want to point out how they relate to the other authors and there views (examples). MOST IMPORTANT
It is the begining. I need a titel, short intro about The Halem Renissance (Dates) and the political + the artistic wave that made this a deliberate movement. Using the main writer Claude McKay, 2:Mrs. Zora Neale Hurst, 3: Mr. W DuBois as the fore father of political racial statements regarding the african race.Than I need a good conclussion/ Ending the Research Essay. The paper has to have at least 8 pages Text, but can be as long as 10 pages of text, so no worries if you need more than 8 pages.