Arlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision case study

After reading the Harlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision case study, located in the blue-edged pages behind chapter 3 of the textbook.

The essay should look like:

Sentences 1&2 -Your conclusion and/or recommendation for management.
Remaining Sentences of the essay -supporting concepts and analysis with evidence -persuasive qualitative or quantitative facts or interpretations of them.

*BOLD or highlight the key Main ideas and key supporting ideas concepts mentioned in your essay that support your analysis and your single most important idea)
* Main idea clearly stated at the beginning of the paper.
* Concepts applied systematically to the case
* Evidence is used that clearly supports main points. Appendices organize ideas or evidence in a compelling way. Also, you must work in specific evidence from the case that supports your points. Remember to stay in the time frame of the case Whatever position you take, you must support that position and give me a compelling argument for your position.
* It deals with core issues and skillfully employs course concepts to make its arguments.

*The essay should NOT contain a recitation of case events or facts;
*NO bullet points or lists of any kind;
*DO NOT use section or paragraph headings;
*NO passive voice. Do use first person if you make a recommendation.
*The essay should NOT contain unsupported assumptions and opinions from personal experience;
*The essay should NOT contain more than 300 words

# The Writer can use as reference from chapter 1,2,&3 from the book named Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage by Jay Barney & William Hesterly Fourth edition.

I will attach the Harlequin Enterprises study case, and also I will attach the Study Questions about the case that will help you to write the essay.

You can download the ebook from this link: