Arlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision

Harlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision is located in the blue-edged pages behind chapter 3 of the textbook.

Each student must submit short case write-ups that we will term Position Outlines (POas). I will not accept any longer than 300 words. The assignments must be neatly typed and should consist of one side of one page, (you can add tables, figures, etc. beyond the one page, but they must complement rather than substitute for one page of text). The PO should present your main idea(s) about the case for discussion. Refer to the document entitled a?Case Write-Ups (POas)a? on Canvas for assignment requirements.

Required Text: Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases Barney and Hesterly 4ed Edition

Arlequin Enterprises: The MIRA Decision

Write-ups (5 in total) should be no longer than 2 pages single-spaced. For each case, you only need to answer ONE of the hi-lighted questions -see page 7. Case write-ups need to be submitted via Safe Assignment.

1. Who are Harlequinas customers?
2. How does Harlequin create value for these customers? Why do they like the product?
3. Should Harlequin re-enter the single-title business? Why? Why not?