Arley Davidson Cultural impact of media on women

Choose 2 artifacts
Analyze the artifacts
Cite background information
Cite theoretical information
6 Sources of Information (at least 6 journal articles)

*Use APA style for citations within the text and for the bibliography a if you do not correctly cite your material, there will be 30 points immediately deducted from your score.

Introduction/Background a
What is your focus?
Is there a problem?

i?® Talk about the existing research on the topic (example: Cyberbullyiing)
i?® Highlight 3 journals sources on topic (cyberbullying or bullying in general)
i?® Mention some general sources as well (magazines a credible)
i?® Review and Talk about How they relate to your own current study
i?® What does your textual analysis bring to the table thatas new (transition)
--Describe your method a textual analysis/application of theory
-Give a definition of your method from a reliable source
--Describe how you utilized the method
Review of the Literature
i?® Complete a review of the literature here that focuses upon your theory/theories
i?® Journal sources should be reviewed
i?® What will your theoretical application and analysis add to this current body of research?
i?® Show how the theory applies a be very specific
i?® How does the theory help you in this specific case
i?® What does it show or tell us about the text
i?® What did you find out?
i?® What were some limitations of your study?
i?® What could you have done better?