Arley-Davidson Forecast of Revenues and Timelines

This assignment is based on the assignment the information that you provided in Business Unit Analysis. Order # 825320. There is no need to add a cover page at the beginning. The power points should be I am questing about 8 slides long and one summary word page at the end. I am not sure how many sources so I just chose 4. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on the board. Thank you.
You have received feedback from the senior vice president on your list of recommendations that you submitted in previous module. It is time to review your list of recommendations again and provide a forecast of revenues and timeline for implementing the strategies.
Complete a new PowerPoint presentation titled Forecast of Revenues and Timelines.”
Your PowerPoint will include:
a? A forecast of revenues from the strategies you presented in Module 3. For instance, if you are recommending adding a new model to focus on a particular market niche, provide a rough estimate of the number of motorcycles, number of customers, the geographic market etc. needed to obtain your estimated revenues. You should forecast revenues for five years.

a? Complete a timeline for how long it will take to implement the strategy and what value chain activities will be modified because of implementation.
Provide as much detail as needed to support your recommendations.