Arley-Davidson Market Analysis Worksheet/ Outline

Harley Davidson 208-2013 Market Analysis Worksheet/ Outline

The purpose of this worksheet is to help in analyzing the company, itas products/ brands to get an understanding as to where the strengths/ weaknesses are located. This outline can be modified to suit your needs and the information you have assembled. It is unlikely that you will use all of those listed below. This will aid in making comparisons to competitors offerings within the same industry/ product class/ market.

A. Category Analysis (largest to smallest OR those ideal for this company)
1. Segment (by demographic or product class or region/ country)
a. Description
b. Size ($/ units)
c. Growth Rate
2. Situation
a. Current
b. Emerging Trends
3. Estimated Profit Potential of Trends
4. Opportunities created by the Trends
Conclusion of Category Analysis

B. Brand Analysis (list for each brand OR category of product)
1. Estimated Sales
2. Points of Differentiation
3. Perceived Quality
4. Pricing
5. Value Proposition
6. Core Brand Message
7. Estimated Marketing Budget
Conclusion of Brand Analysis

C. Brand Architecture Worksheet
1. Brand Elements (Strategies/ Descriptions/ Comments)
a. Brand Product/ Service/ Amenities
b. Brand Visions
c. Brand Promise
d. Brand Quality
e. Brand Positioning
f. Brand Targeting
g. Brand Scope
h. Brand Size
i. Brand Distribution
j. Brand Message
k. Brand Association
l. Key Customer Benefits
Conclusion of Brand Elements

D. Points of Differentiation Worksheet by Brand
1. Parity Features
2. Meaningful Points of Differentiation
3. Primary Reason Why People Buy the Brand
Conclusion of Points of Differentiation by Brand

E. Gap Analysis: Areas of Improvement by Brand
1. Gaps
2. Areas of Improvement
Conclusion of Gap Analysis

F. Summary of Market Analysis Findings