Armonisation of international commercial law

I am Master degree student, and this is coursework essay for one of my subject, I should write 7500 words for this essay.
I need from you to provide an outline for this essay.

# The question is:

{The future of harmonisation does not lie in the creation of new international conventions which are frequently muddled, multi-cultural compromises of little practical importance. Instead, the future lies with non-binding or  soft law instruments, such as the Principles of International Commercial Contracts and the Uniform Customs and Practices on Documentary Credits. Discuss.}

Please, do 600 words as introduction that include thesis statement, then write dawn the outline detail. Please, show me in each part what is the reference related to this part.

References must be from Law felid and it will be accepted for less than 15% from area may be related to Law. The school is flow Oxford referencing (OSCOLA).