Arrett Hardins The Tragedy of the Commons. W7 disc

This essay involves a reading reading of Garrett Hardinas a?The Tragedy of the Commons”

1.first identify what you consider the most important or interesting (or controversial, or wrong-headed) concept,assertion, argument, or conclusion in Hardinas text.
2. Next, for the item you selected, please post a well-organized message that addresses all the following questions about the itemas context within
Hardinas text, your evaluation of Hardinas discussion of the item, and your reflective conclusions about the itemas significance.

* What is the item that you selected?
* What is the context of Hardinas discussion of this item -what purposes was Hardinas discussion of it supposed to achieve?
* What are the crucial passages in the text where Hardin discusses your item with the most clarity or depth? Please quote short passages and crucial
parts of longer passages.
* What are the most important claims that Hardin makes about your item?

* How clear is Hardinas discussions of your item?
* Are there important questions that Hardin fails to address or addresses poorly? What else would Hardin have to explain to make his discussion
of your item crystal-clear?
* Does Hardinas discussion of your item allow him to reach the goal or purpose you have identified? If so, what are the most effective things he does
to achieve his purpose? If not, what are the most significant weaknesses in Hardinas discussion?

* Does Hardinas discussion of your item lead to important conclusions, questions, or calls to action?
* Are there any interesting or important connections between Hardinas discussion of your item relate to ideas in authors like Gardiner, Sawin and Hughes, Kates?
* Does Hardinas discussion of your item have any practical significance for your life or for your relationship to or use of technology?

Please no more than two pages in length One source can be found in Society, Ethics and Technology, Fourth Edition Morton E. Winston and Ralph D. Edelbach PP.352