Arriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass week 14

Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass

Part I: In the excerpts in the text, Harriet Jacobs in Incidents and Frederick Douglass in his Narrative present themselves as teenagers. In your own words describe a typical day for Linda Brent while she lived under Flint and a typical day for Douglass while he lived under Covey, but before Douglass beat him. What feelings did you experience when you made the observations?

Part II: Consider the three slave narratives in the text (Equiano, Jacobs, and Douglass) and Uncle Toms Cabin. Referring to all four works, describe what it was like to be a slave. Be specific. Are there any contradictions or inconsistencies about slavery in these works?

Please post no fewer than 300 words making sure to balance your answers to Parts I and II. You should use quote(s) whenever necessary to prove your point, but make sure to balance those as well.