Ars scribendi (A journal for understanding the state of the business administration professions)

The editors at ars scribendi are in search of scholarly articles that survey the scholarship in a specific areaa articles that look at recent arguments that have been made in a specific area of inquiry or scholarship, relate them to one another, and suggest fruitful directions for future research.

Submissions should begin by providing background information, which will give some of the history of investigation into the problem. The body may be organized according to problem, researcher, chronology, etc. Finally, writers should include a proposal that synthesizes what you have covered and describes the likely future direction of related research on this topic in the field.

Submissions must include a cover page, an abstract, and references.

Articles should be seven to ten pages in length and should be appropriately formatted.

Some qualities the editors are looking for include:
a? a sense of what is currently happening in your field
a? a tone, vocabulary, and writing style appropriate to an academic audience
a? careful attention to differences among opinions
a? a fair and responsible attitude toward multiple sources

This is a paper in finance field. This essay is for advance level 3 writing class. This essay should use professional words and high level language. It is a scholarship paper. You have to choose one argument topic to analysis different arguments on the topic and make a conclusion and suggestion of it. The paper needs a abstract. There are 4 parts in the paper. You have to write 6 full pages concept and 1 cover page, 1 reference page, and 1 abstract for the paper. I will attach some examples to you for writing this paper.

1. Performance measurement and management: a literature review and a research agenda
2. Entrepreneurial competencies: a literature review and development agenda
3. Developing environmental supply chain performance measures

Your Literature Review MUST contain:

at least FOUR scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles (you may use additional supplementary sources IN ADDITION to these four) that represent a variety of opinions on the issue at hand
a cover page that includes at least your full name and the title of your paper
an abstract
a properly formatted references page (see below for formatting requirements)

You are required to look through scholarly, peer-reviewed journals in your field to find a set of formatting guidelines. Even though youare probably not going to imagine your Lit Review published in one of these journals, you should follow at least one of these sets of instructions so you can see what Iam talking about. That way youall have a better chance at getting it right when itas time to submit yours!

Hereas a step-by-step for how I found submission guidelines for two different journals:

The New England Journal of Medicine

1. Go to vexp20/current

From that page, there is a menu on the left that includes a?Authors and Submissions.a? By clicking that link, you open new possibilities.
Click a?Instructions for Authors.a?
If you scroll down a bit and read their guidelines, they indicate that a?Documentation should adhere to the style of MLA Style Manual, 3rd edition.a? This means you have to be sure that you are familiar with this already existing formatting method because this is not a house style. If this is the case for your publication, you do not need to print those guidelines (i.e. MLAas guidelines), but you do need to print the section of the guidelines instructing you to follow an already existing method of formatting.
*In addition to printing out the style/formatting guidelines, youall need to look at an actual article in that journal and mimic the look of it for your a? publication.a? Your article should look EXACTLY like the ones published in the journal you have selected.

**Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in failing this assignment!