Art and music therapy for children with visual impairment

* i want a high qualified writer to write my paper ( if you have an american writer it will be perfect)
*use sample words and clear sentences please ( english is not my first language).
* writing guide ( teacheri??s guide), write them because I want every thing to be clear:
Short topic papers with an overview/reflection. This format includes four short papers each summarizing a professional resource. Each of the papers is about 1pages in length. Two (or more) of the papers should be on articles or similar reading (e.g., section part of a professional book). Two of the papers, or equivalent thereof, may be based on a robust set of activities that may include or combine interviews, observations, information from professional websites, production of visuals such as timelines, web quests, or a creative endeavor that you have approved. Identify four readings or activities you plan to include for 1-2 of the readings. Written Report: Four-i??chaptersi??: 1) Each chapter; i?? cite please i?? Write 1-2 paragraphs to summarize the reading or activity, keeping a focus on the way it expands understanding of your topic. i?? End with a paragraph to analyze or interpret the meaning that may include questions raised. 2) Overview. 1-2 pp. When you are finished with the chapters, write an overview that highlights the big ideas (use some citations) Also, including your impressions and analysis. End with a short reflection of how this enriched your learning.
* important
* my paper organization: 1) in the first paragraph: i want you to write about how music therapy is useful for children with visual impairment in terms of social, cognitive, and motor skills you can use this website, articles, and pdf: /
2) the third paragraph is about the second type of therapy which art therapy; you can get the information about art therapy from these websites: / . but do not copy , paste, and any thing from this pdf ( you can only gain some information). i will uploade an interview with art therapist so you can summarize them and write reflection about it. 3) in a new paragraph (1 page) i want you to write reflection about all the readings and interview ( pleas fallow writing guide).
* DONOT cite only summarize.

follow the instruction below.

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please if it possible revise all the paper. i do not like how you use the same words but you change the words orders. also, in the reflection part, i want you to write your opinion and what did you learn. do not paraphrase any think.

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i know it is from the website i provided, but you use the same words but changed the order. i think you can use different words.