Art history essay (i wrote a part of intro. please add additional 1000 words)

As this is the end of the semester, do spend some time referring to the art covered throughout the semester, but focus on work discussed since the quiz. A complete answer will make reference to at least 4 works of art and 3 of the texts (excluding Art Since 1980) assigned since the last quiz. ID the works of art completely and cite direct quotes from the essays. Be sure your answer addresses the breadth of material covered since the last quiz.
Question: In 1980, the Ramones released the single a?Do You Remember Rock na Roll Radio?a? a plea to save rock. In it, Joey sings, Its the end, the end of the seventies/Its the end, the end of the century.Looking back from the 21st century, was Joey right? Was the end of the 20th century reached early? Had the fundamental issues and qualities of culture, art in our case, been established in the late 1970s and early 1980s, to be reflected upon, dissected, analyzed, and shuffled around until the present? Did the premises upon which art was made in the early 1980s stay basically the same through the early 21st century? OR was Joey wrong? Was there more change to come? Did the final years of the 20th and first of the 21st centuries witness art that was fundamentally different from that of the late 70s late 80s? Be sure to utilize detailed analysis of art and writing and demonstrate an awareness of context.