Art history ( Latin American Photography) (NO RESEARCH PAPER)

I chose the artwork Parabola Opticaby Manuel Alvarez Bravo

Your project will consist of a critical response to an object (a photograph or group
of photographs seen in class). Although you are free to choose which object or
theme to respond to, these must pertain to the main questions explored in class.
You will write a paper that takes into account the formal, aesthetic, and
contextual factors that are relevant to our understanding of the object under
discussion. In addition to a formal analysis of the object at hand, you will also
provide an analysis of other aspects, including its historical relevance,
engagement of social or political questions, and its dialogue with other artworks
of aspects of visual culture from other periods of time or geographical contexts.
Your paper must be somewhere between 5 and 7 double-spaced pages in
length, written in 12-point font.

Art history ( Latin American Photography) (NO RESEARCH PAPER)


Your answer to the question you selected must be a continuous mini essay, at
least 500 words in length and no longer than 700 words. It must discuss
three works we have seen in class in detail, comparing them to each other,
discussing their similarities and differences. In your comparisons, you must
address the technical, historical, contextual, and artistic aspects of all these
( TWO MINI ESSAYS EACH ONE HAS TO BE 500 WORDS ALSO EACH ONE INCLUDE THREE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKS THAT HAVE TO COMPARE EACH OTHERthat means 3 works include in first mini essay and another 3 works include in second essay)

1) The body How have artists incorporated the body as a site, theme or problem
to be addressed through photographic practices? What are some of the contexts
in which these approaches have appeared? How have these approaches been
similar or different from case to case?
I CHOSE THREE WORKSTo Chilefrom Elias Adasme 1980-90, Untitled (Silueta Series)from Mendieta, 1976-78, and A? Amor and America (Scar series)a? from Rosangela Renno 1997

2) The city What are some of the ways in which photographers have confronted
and portrayed the cities in which they live and work? What areas, aspects, or
populations of cities have they photographed and how?

I CHOSE THREE WORKS-Salvador Novo, New Mexican Grandeur, 1967 English edition. Photo by Hector GarcA­a, Peter Scheier, BrasA­lia Vive!, 1960, and Sameer Makarius, Untitled, Buenos Aires, 1960