Art pieces comparison essay (from metropolitan museum of art)

Comparison essay:
Compare the Followings (from Metropolitan museum of Art):
1. Frederick E. Church.-Heart of the Andes.
2. Claude MonetGarden at Sainte-Adresse.

 -Should have a title (it is yours to choose.)
-Should have introductory paragraph laying out the path you re going to take.
-After your analysis, and highlights from your research, offer a summation in your concluding paragraph.

***Instruction:(super important)

1. Describe subject matter of each.

2. Consider the aspects of form listed below.
-Formal aspects
-Consider scale
-Placement of figures in relation to the ground
-Is the  space deep or shallow?
-Is the subject placed deeply within that space or up front (close to the picture plane?)
-In a landscape, where is the horizon placed relative to the overall height of the canvas?
-Consider the use of line and crisp contours vs. shape and ragged outlines
-Consider definition achieved with the careful light modulation vs. more painterly and visible or abbreviated modeling
-Visible brushwork vs. smooth finish
-Color, is it natural or exaggerated?
-Is the palette limited to begin with so some colors really  pop ?
-Lightwhere is the source? Is it painted to look natural, or is it exaggerated for dramatic effect?
-Are you looking at something imaged or something that approximates human vision?

3. Compare and contrast the work to get key differences.

4. Finally, ask yourselves how do the subject and the use of form (or the visuals) equal the content or personality of the artwork? What is the searing statement that each work projects?

 References and bibliographyread about the period in which the works were made and what the intentions of the artists were. Also, you might be inspired by the interpretation of the work offered by art-historian or critic and including it will make your paper richer and deepen your own insight.