Art subject] Christian Imagery of Madonna

St. James Cathedral is adorned with images that illustrate Biblical figures and stories in ways that were introduced during the medieval period.

The image of Madonna (either by herself, with Christ, within a scene) is prevalent throughout the Cathedral in statues, relief carvings, stained glass, etc.

Look closely at the varying ways Madonna is presented and select one to write on.

What is similar and what differences do you perceive in the images of Madonna?
In other words, what common/traditional traits do each share and what is unique to the image you have selected? For instance is there a similarity in her dress but a difference in her role/mood/purpose/emotion/etc?

While at the Cathedral make notes on the Madonna you have chosen-write a description of her-describe her clothing, her gestures, her expression, her mood, her activity, etc.

Write a 2-3 pages report that introduces the Madonna image you have selected and explains the role of this particular Madonna and how that is expressed to the viewer.

You should explain her role/action/responsibility and how is it being expressed? What traditional symbols are being used to help the viewer understand her role/the narrative of scene?

To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to understand the traditional symbols for Madonna, her role as the mother of Jesus, and what she represents to the Catholic church-this may take a little research on your part! Be sure to include a bibliography listing of the sources you used.

Report must be typed (12 point, double-spaced) and edited for grammar and spelling.

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I send the writer the link as Pictures I took when I had been in ST. Jame Cathedral church in Seattle, WA, USA. Please go to the link below to download the files. Those pictures I think its very useful to write the essay, and its like a image sources

Link: ?sg5us6qn0f143gb

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