Art subject] Metropolitan Museum of Artas Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: (toah)

Project V a Metropolitan Museum of Artas Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: (hd/ukiy/hd_ukiy.htm)

Art of the Pleasure Quarters and the Ukiyo-e Style (/htm)

- Carefully read each of the three essays and review all information, images, and links provided associated with each essay a focusing on the woodblock prints.

- Select one of the featured woodblock prints in the Metropolitan Museum of Artas collection to compare with one of the prints on display at Seattleas Asian Art Museum

- Write a 3-5 page report that explains the characteristics of the Japanese Woodblock print and how, specifically, the two works you select (one from the Metropolitan Museum and the other from the Asian art museum) reveal the characteristics, techniques, and subjects of Japanese Woodblock prints.

Be sure to identify the two prints (artist, title, date) and explain how they each portray Japanese style. You may want to note differences between the two (different artists, subject, etc.), but your focus should be on explaining how these show the things that are unique to Japanese woodblock prints, especially things that were seen as innovative to nineteenth a century Western European artists.

Use the information in the Essays, from the Asian Art Museum, and the links to JSTOR articles at the bottom of each Essay, etc. Include a bibliography listing the sources used (incl. The Metropolitan Heilbrunn Timeline).

Report should be 3-5 typed pages (12 point font, double spaced) and carefully edited for grammar and spelling mistakes


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I send the writer a link that is pictures I took when I was in Seattles Asian Art Museum.

Here is the link: ?t27cn8w5zyhy47e