Article analysis related to corporate strategy (Strategy Illustration Presentation)

finds ONE, CURRENT (published from 01-July-2014 onwards), short (1-2 pages) business article that discusses a recent action by/incident of or in a company (that happened from 01-July-2014 onwards) to illustrate a strategic management concept of corporate strategy. The article must not be a summary / case analysis of a company / opinions about a company such as in a blog or discussion boardexplaining how the corporate strategy is applied in the company discussed in the article. You will need to read many relevant articles on the company, industry, and competitors as a short overview to prepare for your presentation.
corporate strategy:
Expanding company scope
1. Concentration on a single industry 2. Vertical integration
3. Diversification
a. Related Diversification
b. Unrelated Diversification Reducing company scope
Restructuring and Downsizing
a. Outsourcing b. Exit (to decrease diversification)