Article and videos write ups for lessons 1 and 2

Second set of write ups: (total of 3 write ups not essay)
Task 1: I123a article write ups for lessons 1 and 2
Task 2: I123a video write-ups for lessons 1 and 2
Task 3: I123aweb write-ups for Race: are we so different (5 sections)
This second set of i123a write-ups are
1.They are the i123a note types made on the 6 articles and 15 videos
2. They are in separate documents, one for articles and another for videos
3. That is, add all the i123a notes for the articles into one document and all the videos into another
Be sure to number your entries and name your documents correctly. That is because it s part of the assessment (whether a student can follow new naming systems, directions, and complete on time)
The only file type accepted will be a word doc.
There are 6 articles to turn in combined from lesson 1 and 2
There are 15 videos to turn it combined from lesson and 2
No incomplete, improper numbered, wrong named, Roman numeraled, non-word doc will accepted.
Simply add unit 2 stuff to the documents and watch them grow.

Now, this is the link of the course with specify instructions, example of the way the teacher wants us to do the write ups: