Article on communication summary. I have attached the article

NUR 101


I. Objectives:

a. Obtains knowledge regarding available professional periodicals and resources.
b. Develops ability to select pertinent information from written material.
c. Recognizes the need for independent study and learning.
d. Develops reading skills and the ability to interpret written material.
e. Develops and reinforces skills in written communication.
f. Develops the ability to correlate material read with clinical and classroom content.

II. Instructions:
After visiting the library with your class and being introduced to the Nursing resources available both on line and in print form, you will be required to locate one journal article, print out, read, and complete a written assignment which will be submitted to your clinical instructor.

III. Requirements:

a. One typed Library Research Assignment is to be submitted for NUR 101.

b. Type and print out using letter sized paper, 8.5 by 11.

c. Assignment should include the following. Please Number each section.

1. Correct bibliography listing which should be copied from the periodical list on
the reading list (may also be available in NCC Library Research Guide.) This should be in APA format. (See NCC online Library for Guide to APA format)

2. Summarize the main points of the article. You can do this in whatever format makes sense, is clear and that will be useful to you.

3. Describe how the article relates to class and/or lab content.

4. Describe the significance of the article to you as a nurse and/or to nursing