Articles in service quality specific in (Hotels)

Writing a review report (individual assignment 20% marks)

Each student will be required to download at least 7 articles related to servqual model from different Journals. An individual student will be required to read and write a detailed overview of the articles during the semester. The student will also be required to identify the main issues in the articles and relate it to specific one relevant services marketing area (as appendix 2) and comment on the implications of the findings for services marketing management. In particular, you are expected to focus on the following in your presentation:

a? A brief background of the paper/article (10%)
a? The scope and objectives of the paper (10%)
a? Methodology followed in collecting information (25%)
a? Major findings of the papers (25%)
a? Conclusion (10%)
a? Limitations and implication for services marketing theories and practices (10%)
a? Reference and bibliography (any style but uniquely followed in the whole document) (10%)
A limit of maximum 2000 (1.5 space) words applies to the written report excluding references and appendices.