Arvard Business Case, Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP

(Grading of the Individual Case Analysis Paper for MIS6352)
(Total Points: 50 for Draft, 250 for final submission)

We will use the Harvard Business Case, Cisco Systems, Inc.: Implementing ERP this semester. The case analysis paper should be 15 pages in length at maximum, including the diagrams and appendices you feel appropriate. You must cite your reference sources through the text and include a reference list using APA style at the end. The paper is to be typed, 1.5-spaced, and in a readable 12-point Times New roman type font with one-inch margins on four sides.

1. A cover page with an informative title, class name and code, section number, your name and date of completion (5 points).
2. A table of contents (10 points.)
3. An executive summary of 100 words that summarizes the purpose of your paper, the key issue and situation in the case, your conclusion and recommendation as revealed in the entire report and a table of contents (10 points).
The main body of the report with meaningful headings to cover the following sections:
4. Description of the case for one page with a focus on the major issue in the case under the heading
Case Synopsis (20 points).
5. Analysis of the companyas business model/goals/IS strategy using one or one and half page (30 points).
6. Analysis of the problems encountered in business processes and operations.
6.1. Use at least half page to summarize Porteras firm-based value chain model and the importance of using this model to describe firm-based operations and decision making levels. Please use Firmbased value chain model as the sub-heading (20 points);
6.2. Use at least one page to apply the model and decision making level identification to the specific firm situation. A figure of the value chain model about the user company should be included. Please
use Model application as the sub-heading (30 points);
6.3. Use one-half to one page to analyze the opportunities or needs for IS/IT implementation in the firm by identifying the functional areas affected, the specific business processes involved, and the
decision levels that might be impacted. A table of problem identification is recommended. Please use
Implementation opportunity analysis as the sub-heading (30 points);
7. Evaluation of the IS effectiveness for solving the problems. Use at least one page to analyze whether and how the functionality of the IS/IT product(s) match the business needs identified above.
Please be sure to analyze the effectiveness of IS implementation (current and/or under consideration)
by analyzing the tangible and intangible costs and benefits of the implementation. Please use
Implementation effectiveness as the sub-heading (30 points).
8. Your conclusions with recommendations for a solution and an outline for action plan, supported by a sound rationale based on literature review and other evidences. If you are supportive of the resolutions as described in the case, please explain the reasons for your support. Please state clearly the implications of this case for the MIS field (30 points).
9. A list of references cited throughout the paper text using APA style, with entries no less than FIVE (20 points).
10. Overall writing skills including objectiveness, clarity in concept and in expression, consistency in format and style use, organization, and free of obvious spelling and grammar mistakes (15 points).
Note: Please refer to the relevant case discussions on the DB and student sample papers for
further clues. Late report will be subject to 20 points deduction each day.