Arvard Business Review Case : How to analyse a case study

Please read the marketing case I attached : What Serves the Customer Best”

Part1 :
Analyse the case yourself and decide what YOU think are the key issues, please do not just repeat what the experts say as this is focussed on the question set in the HBR case and this IS NOT what you are required to do for this assignment.
Choose a business NOT one in the case study and summarise it
1) Apply the key points youve made in 2) and apply it to the business youve chosen and described in 3) What do the points mean for it? how will they impact on its marketing? What wider implications are there outside this business?
Note do not just answer the set question from the case study this IS NOT what youve been asked to do on this.

Part 2 should be roughly 500 words, Part 3 roughly 500 words and part 4 roughly 1000 words. You are allowed +10% word count without penalty. Tables and diagrams do not count to word count BUT that is NOT an excuse to dump chunks to text into tables if you do I will adjust your mark accordingly.
A bibliography IS required as in in-text referencing in the Harvard format there is a guide on moodle on on the UG vault for referencing so there is no excuse not to get this correct this time! Adaquate referencing means more that just using internet sources.

I attached the introduction and the case study

*please keep in touch with me as I would have something to let you know further