Arvard Business School Case Study #1: Apple

Please read the HBS Case Study a?Apple Inc. in 2010.a? Prepare and submit a case brief. You must submit your assignment in person at the beginning of class on the due date to receive full-credit.

Your cohesive essay should address and answer the following questions:
a? Is Apple an industry leader? Please elaborate on why or why not.
a? What is the difference between the products provided by Apple and its competitors?
a? What type of market structure do you think Apple operates in? Please use the characteristics in Ch. 8 a 10 to explain your reasoning.
a? Based on the information provided in the case, what factors have contributed to Appleas success?
a? What must Apple do to succeed in the 21st century?
a? Please provide a brief update on operations at Apple since the HBS case was published.

Please use economic reasoning to explain your response. Support your recommendation with evidence from the case, including the exhibits. Please remember to property cite your sources.

You must bring a copy of your paper to class on the day of the discussion. In addition, you are required to upload your paper to Please see the separate registration instructions for Only papers with less than 15% Similarity Report will be graded.

Formatting Requests:
Please write your first and last name at the top of the first page of your document. Please limit your response to three (3) pages. Please format your paragraph(s) in single spacing to conserve paper. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins (or less) on all sides. Please do not submit a cover page.

On Academic Dishonesty:
You must use your own words. Copying words from the article or the textbook without proper citation is considered plagiarism and your assignment will automatically earn a zero (0). You will not be allowed to resubmit your assignment if you commit academic dishonesty.

Please review the Academic Dishonesty section of your Studentsa Rights & Responsibilities Handbook (student_rights_and_responsibilities.pdf) if you have any questions as to what constitutes academic dishonesty and the potential consequences of such actions.

Please return the hard copy of the HBS Case Study on the date of the in-class discussion. Failure to return the hard copy will result in an automatic grade of a a?Da? in the course (not the assignment).