Arvard Extension Masters of Liberal Arts in Management Application Essay

Essay: Please submit an essay of up to 700 words describing a challenging situation or interaction you faced. In this essay, please tell us the background on the situation or interaction, who was involved, your role, and the end result. Please note that positive outcomes do not always make the most compelling essays.

I have to submit an essay as part of my application to a Masters in Management Degree Program at Harvard Universities Extension School. You can learn more about the program here (Info about Situation
A challenging situation for me is when I decided to take a semester off from my undergraduate degree to help my mom in Ensenada, Mexico when my grandmother was very sick. My grandmother got a terrible case of shingles about two years ago and it was a difficult decision but definetly the right one. I was was three years into my undergraduate degree and at the moment. I had just finishes an away semester in Heredia, Costa Rica where I had been taking semianars on global issues and doing environmental work. I was schedules to spend the following semester in Brooklyn, New York at the Long Island University Brooklyn campus where I was doing my degree. My mom had just had a major surgery on her knees that had left her unable to walk for three months. She was in tremendous pain and her spirits were low so I knew that it was necessary that I be there for her and for my grandmother. My school is important to me so it is something that was hard but I wouldn t have done anything differently looking back now. My grandmother passed away after two months in the hospital. This is time spent with my mother and grandmother was very difficult but that I will always remember. The aging process is very difficult and looking back on the situation I feel like I was pretty young and the whole ordeal had a very strong impact on me. It showed me that in the end famly is really one of the only things that are important in life and the value of a tight knit family. At the time I felt like my eductation would be completely off track and was worried that my acadmic path would be ruined but I realize now that we need to look at things on a larger scale and realize that there are some things that we would just regret and battle with internally if we don t go with out instict. I realized that taking time off work or school after the death of someone close to you is good not only for your own mental well-being, but also for your job or academics.