As adsorption in Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)


Gas adsorption in Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a new class of porous material, similar to zeolites, that have considerable potential in applications such as gas storage and separation. Your report should review the literature concerning MOFs, concentration on gas adsorption. In particular you should try to link scientific studies with particular industrial applications of importance. For example, is there any evidence that MOFs can be used to store useful amounts of hydrogen (which could be important for the  hydrogen economy ), or might they be used to separate carbon dioxide from gas mixtures (such as air or combustion exhausts). A review* of MOFs is given below. This paper can be found in a special issue of the journal, available online, which is dedicated solely to MOFs, so you will find more references in that special issue and in the review paper. You might find the internet helpful as well.

* Rowsell, j.L.C. and Yaghi, O.M. (2004) Metal-organic frameworks: a new class of porous materials”, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 73, page 3-14

3)Theoretical background:
a)Scientific Achievement;
b)Manufacture of MOFs
4)Gas adsorption and separation
5)Potential applications
6)Hydrogen storage
9)Future trends

My lecturer told me that I have to read the papers/literature,summarize the main points with bullet points, then expand the bullet points in my own words. I have to write about 40-45 pages. but now I want you write only ( Abstract, Introduction and Theoretical background) and I will show them to my lecturer if it is Ok we will continue because other writre did them for me but when I send them to lecturer it was big disastre I will show the message from lecturer in the end.
Could you tell me how long take to finish all of them because the deadline 20/4/2006.
This is the message from my lecturer.
((( Well spotted, change it to Batchelor.

Regarding your report,
1) Acknowledgements, not Acknowledge
2) You seem to have two sections on manufacturing
3) This is very well written perhaps too well! You MUST make sure that the words are your own. You must also make sure that your writing is clear, and that you understand that your target audience knows NOTHING about MOFs. So
statements like ... connectivity is established by linking metal cations or clusters with bidentate or multidentate organic ligands... is meaningless to me and I expect it means very little to you!
For example, what are cations and ligands, and what does bidentate and multidentate mean? Frankly, it just sounds like you have copied it from a paper without re-interpreting it in terms of your own understanding. Can I suggest that you
a) read the papers/literature,
b) summarize the main points with bullet points,
c) then expand the bullet points in your own words WITHOUT re-reading the literature.

Then you can honestly say that it is your own work, and it will read like a much more personal account. At the moment, if you will forgive me,
I could mistake you for Prof. Yaghi.
4) Try to include some nice pictures (cite their sources of course).
A picture is worth a thousand words!
Keep up the good work,