As Apple done enough to help Foxconn workers?

According to the essays The Real Price of Your iProductsand The Real Price of Your iProducts: An Update,both Apple and Apples manufacturer in China, Foxconn, have received strong criticism over working conditions and labor practices at Foxconn plants where Apple products are made. Using these readings as your exclusive source, start your essay with a summary in which you explain some of these conditions and what Apple Corporation has done to improve the Safety and dignityof the workers.The summary portion of the essay is confined to no more than 2 pages. In the remaining portion of the essay, respond to these questions: Jeff Williams, Vice-President of Apple Corporation has stated that his company has been doing all that it can to improve the lives of the workers. The BBC Panorama program seems to suggest that Apple has not done enough and problems linger. In your opinion, has Apple done enough to help Foxconn workers? When it comes to ethical responsibilities, is Apple just as responsible for improving workers lives as Foxconn or not? Be sure to provide adequate reasons, explanations, and examples to support your position.(Using both essays in your response)
I need the works cited.