As body shape&image influenced fashion or has fashion influenced body shape&image

Further to our yeaterdays telcon we herewith confirm our order for a Thesis at Bachelors level with approx 5000 words/ 20 pages.

Below please find copies of our last correspondance detailing thesis topics, thesis proposal and your quotation. In addition we have attached a list of reference sources which we have used to date. These could, all or partly, be used by your writer.

The format for word processing shall be MSWord.

With reference to your quotation we would like to base the time schedule on 14 days.

With regard to the number of sources as asked in your order form questionnaire we were not sure how many sources we should select. Considering the research we have performed to date we have selected 30 as estimate. Let us discuss as soon as we get started together.

Kind Regards,

Helen Andrade

> I am studying at BA Fashion Production Management at London Centre for
> Fashion Studies which is part of Middlesex University in the UK. When
> completed successfully I will get the Bachelor-Hons. Degree.
> Attached I have my proposal for the thesis. It states the working title,
> aim, rationale and topics I propose to cover. I have submitted this
> proposal to my teachers. Although some changes are allowed, like more
> topics, the proposal shall have to be followed as much as possible when
> writing the thesis.
> My thesis has to contain a minimum of 5000 words.
> The format shall be MS WORD.
> The thesis shall be written for a BA-Hons level.
> The language used shall be UKEnglish.
> As can be noted in the proposal, the thesis will include results of
> questionnaires and interviews. I am planning to have the contents of the
> questionnaire and interview ready by the end of this week and will send
> you a copy for reference and information. The feed-back on the
> questionnaires and interviews I expect to have by the end of February.
> It is important to keep in mind that I am studying Fashion Management.
> When I did my own initial research for my Thesis subject I discovered that
> there is a lot of information in the area of Psychology. Although some of
> this info is useful it generally is too much focused on the psychological
> side and not on the fashion side.

> Proposal
> Course Title: BA Hons Fashion Product Management
> Module No.: ADT 3001
> Name: Helen de Barcelos Andrade
> Submission Date: 07th February 2007
> Working Title: Has body shape &image influenced fashion or has fashion
> influenced body shape & image?
> Sub Heading:
> Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate the influence of fashion on
> body shape & body image and the influence body shape & body image has on
> the fashion.
> Rationale: It is my perception that as a former model in the 20th century,
> I can clearly see a development of body shape/image in the fashion
> industry from the 1900 s thought to the 21st century.
> The fashion industry used to have a very strong influence on what was
> perceived as an ideal body shape and image. Over time however one observes
> a growing resistance against the ideal body and images as set by the
> fashion industry. Body shape and body image now seem to influence the
> fashion industry.
> The purpose of this study is to investigate this assertion by looking at
> the evolution of the fashion industry from the 1900 s to the present day
> in the context of body image and shape.
> Topics:
> Ideal body shape and image between 1900 s & beginning of 21st century.
> Key points in history:
> Women emancipation
> Rock and roll
> 1960 Flower  Power
> Punk
> Influence of Hollywood, MTV, Movies
> Cosmetic surgery (market overview)
> Breast enlargement,
> Breast reduction,
> Liposuction
> Body Decorations
> Tattoo
> Body art
> Piercing
> Health care and influence on fashion
> Gym /Fitness
> Vitamins
> Sports brand expansion
> Methodology:
>  Literature Search: Internet, British library for marketing,
> local library
>  Interviews: To personal trainers, Gym users, Random selected
> people on street
>  Questionnaires: To gym users, Random selected people on the
> street.
> Initial Reference Texts:
>  Corpo e Moda  Enunciados de Comunicacao, Charlene Estrela,
> Setembro 2002, XXV Congreco Anual em Ciencia da Comunicacao/BA, Pag. 1 to
> 5
>  A Fashionable History of Make Up and Body Decoration, Helen
> Reynolds, 8 Jan 2004, Heinemann Library
>  Fashions of a Decade: the 1960S, Bailey Publishing Associates,
> December 2006, Chelsea House Publications, 2.
>  A Fashionable History of dresses and Skirts, Helen Reynolds, 8
> Jan 2004, Heinemann Library
>  A Moda do Corpo, o Corpo da Moda: Katia Castilho & Diana Galvao,
> Sao Paulo/2002, Espera, 1 .
> Projected Time Scale:
> Proposal presentation: Week 5
> Literature research: Week 9 or 10.
> Anticipated Problems:
> Market research
> Questionnaires to public
> Approved: Date:
List of refernence sources used to date:

Reference sources.
Websites, books and reports






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