As Corporate Governance any influence on the role of auditors in Saudi Arabia

Please Please Please I really need a qualified writer (of the same field of the title) because this dissertation equals 60 credits of my master.

All what I would like to say is that I want the work to be done step by step as my supervisor requested. For example, the writer can write the literature review first and then I have to meet the supervisor to discuss the work and give the writer the feedback accordingly to meet the missed points before moving on to start completing the rest of the work.

I need the writer to give me what research questions he may rely on?

What the writer thinks the best methodology to do this dissertation accurately?( Interpretive, Critical, Library project, …)

In the case that you choose interpretative, I think we need to collect some data by using questionares, so can the writer provide me copies of these questionares in the case that the supervisor requested ?

I need the writer to give me a short presentation about his plan and project to finish this work if possible, as I can be very flexible with him by giving an extra time if wanted or whatever.

I need the literature review to be done first within maximum of 10 days please( it can be from 3000 to 4000 words more or less).

Some points related to the subject can be discussed later with the writer through (contact writer).

The best regards..