As Devolution fundamentally changed the British system of government?

Im a Hong Kong international student in the UK, so it is not a problem to add a few grammar mistakes inside the essay, but not too many.

The module is about British Government and Politics”.

The writing guideline:
Approved titles at the back of your module guide a based on topics covered up to and including devolution
Answer the question a?This paper will argue thata¦.a
You are not writing a text book, you are constructing an argument
Demonstrate a awareness of literature a especially theories, illustrate arguments with case studies

The referencing must use Chicago system.
a?Devolution: Decentralisation or Disintegration?a? a Vernon Bogdanor
Any other sources you can use, you can put them inside bibliography.

The essay must be finished before 14/11/2012.

Finally, thanks for the help.