As Football (Soccer) become a global game?

This Paper concentrate on How football become a Global game in the Far east

Please Include this in the paper:

1.Key Theoretical concept

2.Whats football like in south east asia, (Japan, Singapore, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand etc.)
Professionalisation of football in these region?

3.The Influence of european teams and european leagues in Asia?

4. What have you noticed since 1990 ?
-Supporter associations i.e manchester united opening stores in
these region etc

-Tv coverage i.e Live Football from European league shown on Tv across asia

-participation level i.e Countries from asia doing well in the world cup.

-European clubs tours to S.E. Asia i.e Manchester United, Liverpool Fc, Chelsea, Barcelona etc and their impact during the tour.

-Former Western Players role to market the game in S.E. Asia

-FiFas Plans for S.E.Asia?

-Proffesional Leagues in Asia?

5.Identify the development and impact of professionalisation of football Industry in S.E.Asia.

Please do not use WIKIPEDIA!
Plesae do not write about the history of footballor the birth of football!

Please include,
Content page
page number
graph,charts,statistic etc
harvard referencing practice
good presentation
etc etc

Bottom line is Give me a 2-1 please as i need to pass this.