As New Labour introduced radical changes to health and health care policy since it came into office?

(By radical you can consider if their policies are  politically radical . You can also consider if they are radical in the sense that they have introduced substantive changes to Conservative health policy.) Discuss with reference to at least two policy documents.

Assessment Criteria
In your answers to the essay question you must demonstrate that you are familiar with specific health policy. This means you must read, and make use of, all or parts of the relevant White Papers. As policy analysts you should draw on evidence from a range of sources (e.g., working parties, academic, think tanks, pressure groups) in order to discuss and comment on New Labour s health policy.
Students wishing to answer question 2, should draw on the literature concerned with equity and choice and the outcomes arising from these values, as well as drawing on material from health policy documents to support their argument.
You will be assessed on whether you answer the essay question, You will also be assessed on your ability to present a clear, coherent and logical argument supported by evidence.
Finally you are also assessed on your writing style, in particular your use of correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. You will need to show evidence of proofreading, the acknowledgement of sources and the consistent use of the accepted style of referencing.

SECOND OPTION:ii) Summarise the main points of the Governments strategy to reduce
health inequalities and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this strategy using the most recent evidence you have available
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