As post war policy made education in England more meritocratic?

This is a policy review and the question is Has post war policy made education in England more meritocratic?
Please just focus on social class policies. I will now give you the guidance for the review.
Provide an introduction that signposts the reader regarding your focus, the structure of the review and the general thrust of the conclusion you will ultimately draw. In terms of focus please concentrate on social class policies. Justify why such a policy should be seen as important regarding meritocracy. In terms of structure explain what issues your review will examine. For example social class policies have made education more meritocratic. Please include relevant social class policies.
Do define meritocracy.
The high quality review will be clear that there are different perspectives or ways of thinking that need to be properly considered. It may be that some aspects of the policy are well thought out, others less so and that there are some positive and negative aspects. Do examine different views regarding post war policy that you are focusing upon and demonstrate that you understand their origins and ideas. Show that you understand that some ideas regarding education are linked with ideas regarding society. Briefly show that you are aware of the background societal context to education policy. Do demonstrate that you are aware of the important legislation e.g 1944 education acct or government actions that were the means to put the policy into action. Take account of any post war developments/changes to the policy/policie you are focusing on in the post war period. You will need to explain the important changes/trends to the policy to show you understand the pattern of the policy. Do discuss any available evidence you have on the impact of the policy you focus on.
Do carefully evaluate the policy. Did it have any or much affect? was it a good policy was it to radical was it effective.

Having examined the policys purposes the variety of views upon it and any evidence of its effectiveness do give your own view in light of the evidence. Do show that your view has been informed. please use the following sub-headings in the review. Introduction ,purposes, perspectives meaning arguments for a policy making education more meritocratic and arguments that this policy makes education less meritocratic, impact and evaluation.

Please follow this marking criteria
Knowledge and understanding of relevant patterns of post war education policy
Knowledge of relevant legislation
Understanding of concept of meritocracy
understanding of relationship between society and education
knowledge and understanding of different perspectives in literature
ability to evaluate evidence

The philosophy of education
Developing early childhood services
The education debate
Education and social class
Education policy, practice and the professional
Education, policy and ethics
A sociology of educating London

Referencing Requirements: