As Tesco built up an oligopolistic position in the UK Food Retailing Industry

Hello, firstly I would like to request that the person writing my dissertation be from England (the United Kingdom) as my topic requires me to look at a British based business that makes most of its money through its British operations. Also it is only their position in the UK market that needs to be analysed in the dissertation. This way, the person writing the dissertation will have a better understanding of the British market to begin with. To begin with some referenced definitions of what an oligopoly within a market is would be essential. So when analysing Tesco s position in the market, the information and data on Tesco can be used alongside the definitions to show if Tesco have an oligopolistic position in the UK food retailing industry.
Books, good internet sites and academic journals are all good sources for information and will gain me marks if referenced properly. All information that will be referenced in the bibliography must be cross referenced in the text where it is being used, just the name or the site and the date accessed can go in the text, but full reference must go into the bibliography.
Economics text books will be good for definitions and theories on oligopolies.
Statistics and graphs etc... will be very relevant, sales figures, profit figures, share values, market share in %. All these things will be very relevant in the position Tesco hold in the British food retailing industry.
Also any texts or articles published, (or statements made) by these regulating authorities:
C.C Competition Commission
MMC Monopolies and Mergers Commission
OFT Office of Fair Trading
that have talked about the UK food retailing industry and/or Tesco themselves.
Appendices do not go towards my word count, so where you take pieces of information from. so for example if you take one article from a bigger article, the little part was useful for the text, but the bigger piece of information can be put into an appendix to show depth in the research and where the information came from. Please include a lot of the bigger pieces of information, as the appendix can be very long, not count towards my word count and get extra marks at the same time.
I need to attain an extremely good mark on this dissertation, at least 80%. If not higher. This is in order to keep my grade average high, which currently it is. If whoever writes this feels to attain that mark they dont have enough time in 10 days, then if possible distribute some to another member of your team as this mark is essential for me.
Good luck and I will check the status of the assignment on the live chat system.
Also the bibliography must be the Harvard referencing system. Thanks.